Snape (dungeons_master) wrote,

Londoners on my Flist, I need your help!

Me and a colleague booked a plane ticket for London, and we're going to be there from 10/05 to 14/05 (less than a month >_<) but we still haven't found a place where to sleep XD

Can you suggest any B&Bs, hostels or low budget hotels that you know are clean, comfortable, not too far from zone 1 (zone 2 would be perfect), that have a 24/7 check in for about 27/30£ per night?

I already found a couple on the net, but I don't trust the reviews very much, and I'd like an opinion from someone who knows the city.

Can you also tell me where I can find which bus leads where in the city? We'll probably reach London after 11 pm, so the tube could be closed...

Oh, and... Which place do you think we should absolutely see after the Westminster area and the British Museum?

Any suggestion will be very appreciated and well rewarded!

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