Snape (dungeons_master) wrote,

This entry contains only love <3

I meant to write about this two weeks ago, but of course I had to postpone... It's what I do best :P

Anyway, here's my Christmas present to myself: people, meet Albus Severus!

(Photo sucks because it was taken with my ancient cellphone. Click here if you want to see better ones. Mine has a 250 GB hard drive and other small differences in specifics, though.)

I've wanted him for a long time, especially when I was writing my SnuSa in this uncomfortable chair or when I wished I could write in places where I had no access to a keyboard, but of course I could buy him only when I had already finished XD

He will make yourself useful in the future, that's for sure.

He already does, actually, when I don't want to get up from the bed, when I'm cooking or when I go back to my parents' house; it's nice to have him with me, keeping me company!

I love my cute little baby >_
Tags: just me being stupid, rl
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